Bad-Ass Socks

I’ve had a few requests to see the end result of the Cursed Project I mentioned earlier, so here we are. The skull was lifted from the wrist warmers in Stitch & Bitch Nation. The sock was modified from a fail-safe pattern that my dear friend Jane gave me a few years ago.

Don’t they look dangerous? How’d you like a roundhouse kick from a pair of those?

This goes to show that a Cursed Project can still turn out cool, if you have the strength and the will to break the curse. And just last night I learned that a Cursed Project can even turn out to be a Transcendent Project! More on that soon . . .


  • Pip says:

    Love them. A friend of mine keeps thinking to knit those. I’ll point her to your page so she can light the fire under her….

  • Rose says:

    I must admit, those socks are kickass

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