Monthly Archives: June 2006

Car Transmissions and Knitting Continental

I learned how to operate a manual car transmission at the same time I learned how to drive. I’m thankful for this now——especially having lived in Maine for ten years, where driving stick is a winter survival skill——but at the time it was a pain in the butt. It was hard enough figuring out what […]

Knitting for the Alternate Universe

The office where I spend twenty hours a week is in an alternate universe. I know this because the universe where I actually live doesn’t have cubicles, fluorescent lights, ugly carpeting, or Microsoft. My personal universe also has the same climate as the rest of the Bay Area. My office universe, on the other hand, […]

Attention Bay Area Residents . . .

This summer I’ll be teaching not one poetry class, but two poetry classes at The Writing Salon. The first one is a five-week intro class (July 18th – August 22nd), the other is a one-day intensive (Saturday, August 5th). Click the links for more information! Sorry for the non-knitting post, but relentless self-promotion is how […]