Monthly Archives: July 2006

The End of Vacation, the Beginning of PT

Z and I just got back from a week-long trip up the Oregon coast, with many detours. One of these detours included a visit to the Cape Blanco Lighthouse, which features a first-order Fresnel lens. I know that has nothing to do with knitting at all, but Fresnel lenses are really beautiful. Composed of interlocking […]

One Good Reason

One of the movies I watched for a documentary film class I took in college was a piece called Blood in the Face. The filmmakers, Kevin Rafferty and Anne Bohlen, spent a great deal of time interviewing the members of a group of white supremacists in northern Michigan, and in these interviews the members of […]

Bald Heads of the World Unite!

Most of you probably know this already, but just in case you don’t, my Halfdome hat pattern is now available on Knitty for public consumption. Perfect for the bereft-of-hair among us . . . although you certainly don’t need to be bald to wear one. Or to knit one.