Monthly Archives: September 2006

Cat vs. Yarn

This is Bella, the latest addition to our household. Bella is about five months old. We adopted her from the local SPCA. Her name was Stevie at the shelter, but there wasn’t any way that was going to stick. One of the things that I’d forgotten about having a kitten was that it means stopping […]

Up and Running Again

Those of you who visited this site over the weekend may have noticed that things weren’t working the way they were supposed to. This is because you have all made me weirdly famous, and I maxed out my bandwidth allotment for the month of September. The problem is solved, though, and everything is running normally […]

About That Curse . . .

Thanks for all of the wonderful feedback about Avast! It’s my first successful sweater design——hopefully the first of many. Because more women knit than men, and because people like to knit for their romantic partners, and because Avast is (mostly) a men’s sweater, its inevitable that many Avasts will be knit for men by women […]

The Joy of Mutually Consensual Knitting

Not to brag or anything, but my wife Z is also a knitter. This provides our marriage with a significant number of fringe benefits: We get to knit together in the evenings while we talk about our respective days. We get to knit together on Saturday mornings while we listen to Wait Wait Don’t Tell […]