Monthly Archives: November 2006

One Thousand Cranes

In 1955, a young Japanese girl named Sadako Sasaki made approximately 1,300 origami cranes. She was trying to invoke the power of a folk tale that promised the granting of one wish to anyone who could fold one thousand cranes. Whichever gods were responsible for following up on that promise must have been occupied with […]

The World is Flat

A lot of people seem to be wondering why I designed Halfdome to be knit flat. It’s a round item, after all, so knitting it in the round makes intuitive sense. I have some very good reasons for designing it flat, though, and I am now going to tell you what they are. Knitting stockinette […]


I had thought that the silence in my “ask yarn boy” mailbox was because no one had any knitting questions for me.  Turns out it was because the CGI form that handles those questions wasn’t working.  Silly me.  It’s working now, so ask away!

Knitting vs. . . .

The content of the picture to the left is the reason you haven’t heard from me in a little while. Ringing in at nineteen chapters, 342 pages, 87,000 words (approximately), and just over three years in the making, that stack of papers is my first novel. Just before I put the finishing touches on my […]