Monthly Archives: April 2006

Throwing My Yarn, Part 3

This is my Learning Sweater. Not only is it the first sweater I ever knit (summer, 2001) it is the first thing I ever knit. The yarn is called No Dye Lot, and the creativity of its name extends to pretty much everything else about it. At 100% acrylic, it was singularly unpleasant to knit […]

On The Air

A couple of weeks ago, I was interviewed for a five-minute radio piece by a student from the journalism school at UC Berkeley. The piece aired last Thursday on KALX-FM, and it’s now archived on my radio page. If two clicks feels like too much right now, you can just click here once to listen […]

Google’s Greatest Hits, Round 2

“Throwing My Yarn, Part 3” is on its way, just as soon as I take some pictures. In the meantime, It’s time for another round of Google’s Greatest Hits, in which I take search terms that people have used to find my site and make fun of them (click here to read round one). This […]

Shoulder Anatomy 101

The shoulder is one of the most complicated pieces of machinery in the body. As a ball and socket joint, it is able to both lift and lower stuff, and even rotate at the same time. The shoulder has more flexibility and a greater range of motion than the body’s other ball and socket joint, […]