Monthly Archives: August 2006

And Speaking of Knitting in the Round . . .

For those of you who don’t mind knitting round after round of stockinette stitch or switching to double-pointed needles when things get too tight, Catherine has been kind enough to actually write a pattern for knitting Halfdome in the round. You can find it here. Happy knitting!

Danica at Article Pract

Yes, it’s Shameless Self-Promotion time again! Next month I’ll be teaching an entrelac class at Article Pract in Oakland. I’ll be using my Danica pattern as the template, but entrelac is a wonderfully flexible technique, so this is a good opportunity to add a new skill to your bag of tricks. And if you live […]

Halfdome in the Round

I’ve gotten a lot of great feedback about my Halfdome pattern on Knitty, and a lot of questions about whether it can be knit in the round. Any pattern that produces a tubular object can be converted to circular knitting; fellow knitting blogger WoolGatherer has done us all the favor of discovering (the hard way) […]

One Good Reason, Part 2

The best way to start my follow-up to my previous post, “One Good Reason,” is to show you one of the search phrases that just showed up on my stats page this week: how to tell my boyfriend he acts too feminine It was probably the text from all of your comments that allowed this […]