Danica at Article Pract

Yes, it’s Shameless Self-Promotion time again! Next month I’ll be teaching an entrelac class at Article Pract in Oakland. I’ll be using my Danica pattern as the template, but entrelac is a wonderfully flexible technique, so this is a good opportunity to add a new skill to your bag of tricks. And if you live in the Bay Area, it’s a good opportunity to support a local yarn shop (as well as a local knitter).

Registration information is available here, along with a list of all upcoming classes. Hope to see you there!

PS: I promise I’ll have a post with actual knitting in it soon.


  • Sean says:

    Hmm, is there any sort of travel stipend I could apply for?

    It sounds like a great class. Wish I could take it.

    I am inspired to try the Danica scarf, though. Are you sure it’s really easier than it looks? You wouldn’t fib to a guy, would you?


  • Matt says:

    That is an awesome scarf! It’s been on my must have list for a while but the entrelac thing looks a bit intimidating.

  • anne says:

    So what does entrelac look like on the back?

  • yarn boy says:

    If you look at the pattern on Knitty, you’ll see that there’s a picture of the back.

  • gail says:

    Came across your website and fell in love with the Danica. I’ve never tried entrelac,
    but after looking at your finished one – can’t wait to start. Thanks for the pattern too!!!

  • jessica says:

    Man! I just found the Danica scarf pattern on Knitty (and through them, your blog) tonight! If only I had found it earlier. I grew up in SF and was visiting my mom in Marin in September. Shoulda, coulda, woulda. Damn!

  • Desiree says:

    I absolutely love the way this scarf looks. I haven’t tried entrelac before, but I just started this scarf and it’s a ton of fun to knit. I do have a question or two though. When you start Section 2, “Left Edge Triangle”, do you work that on the left base triangle you just made in section 1? (Left with the RS facing, I mean) Then at the end of section 2, it says “The first time you work Section 1, you will be picking these sts up along the edges of the Base Triangles.” Is that supposed to be Section 2? I think mostly I’m just confused about the order in which you do things. Any clarification would be greatly appreciated, as I can’t wait to work on this some more. Thank you!

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