Monthly Archives: July 2009

The Second Life of Halfdome

Of the patterns I’ve had published on knitty, the most popular, by far, is Danica. There are 1097 Danicas completed or in progress on Ravelry, and who knows how many out in the real world. (This sort of blows my mind, since Danica is really just a simple entrelac pattern, and I certainly did not […]

An Open Letter To Interweave Knits

Copyright © Interweave Knits Dear Interweave Knits, I’m a really big fan of yours.  You’ve published some of my favorite patterns ever. The list is too long to get into here, so for now I’ll say that I’m particularly enamored of your summer 2006 issue. It contains the Mommy Snug, with which I knit for […]