Google’s Greatest Hits, Round 2

“Throwing My Yarn, Part 3” is on its way, just as soon as I take some pictures. In the meantime, It’s time for another round of Google’s Greatest Hits, in which I take search terms that people have used to find my site and make fun of them (click here to read round one). This time the theme is How Did That Lead You to My Site? And just so you know, today’s post is rated R. For example:

slave husband looking under my skirt

What I love about this phrase is that it sounds like a complaint. “That slave husband! He’s always looking under my skirt! Why can’t I get a real husband?” Even more interesting is that someone thinks that their husband needs to be a slave in order to look under his/her wife’s skirt. I mean, come on. The average husband doesn’t even need to be asked. But what did this person find on my site, I wonder? A pattern for a skirt that you don’t need to lift in order to look under? One that comes with a chain for the slave husband? Sorry, don’t have any of those here.

how to to ask a boy out

So cute! I know the repetition of “to” was probably a typo, but it provides a note of uncertainty that reminds me of when I was, oh, thirteen years old. I want to find this person and give them a hug. I’ve never addressed this issue, either on my blog or in ask yarn boy, but for the discerning eye, this site is full of advice about where the good boys are, and how to get them.

free crochet instructions for a toddlers bikini

Okay, I can see how they found with that, but . . . eeeewwwwwwwww. In more ways that I can count!

stuck up girlie dog clothes

I don’t even know what these are. Clothes for a snobby girl dog? Dog clothes that aren’t sufficiently masculine? Is it the dog that’s stuck up, or the clothes? Is this a style that I don’t know about? I may be in my mid-thirties, but I didn’t think I was that out of it. Sheesh. I’m sorry, but no patterns here for those, either. And while we’re on the subject of looking in the wrong place:

i and my wife we looked for a woman with photo to do trio sexual

Sounds like a poorly-translated confession, doesn’t it? When you plug this term into Google, my site comes up on the second page. If Google is a popularity contest, then I am hanging out with one hell of a crowd. But wait! Here’s another phrase that finds on the second page, and I’m thrilled that someone found their way to my site with it. I must be doing a good job.

lovable husband


  • lambchop says:

    i felt busted reading your google greatest hits, since, thanks to a Google search, it was my very first visit to your site. I used the search words (I guess you already know? I didn’t know folks could track such things) “a blog that’s actually interesting.” And it is.
    Greetings from Honolulu. Sorry about all the rain, but after 43 days of it here, we just had to send it on to CA.

  • Sandy says:

    Now i couldn’t resist the challenge of it so i googled the one about the wife and it now comes up as the FIRST blog when you type that in!! EEEWWWW~

    Ok, love your blog as always and glad to read your new post today! Wish i could figure out how to check my site with that! Really interesting stuff!
    Have a great day Yarn Boy!

  • Marita says:

    I always enjoy your blog, but today you made me laugh out loud. Good job, yarn boy!

  • Che L says:

    Your fantastic! Thanks for all of your posts!

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