Monthly Archives: January 2006

Boys vs. Men

One of my favorite things to do to alleviate the tedium and drudgery of going to the laundromat is to spend the drying cycle at Article Pract, which is right down the street. I was especially excited to go there today, because I wanted to see how my ‘boys knit’ buttons were selling. I was […]

Major and Minor Surgery

This is my friend Nate. Nate was a huge help with my wedding this summer. He helped me pick out shoes, listened to me stress out about all the planning, hooked me up with a great jazz trio for the reception, and played cello at the ceremony. He’s also the bass player for The Decemberists. […]

Bad-Ass Socks

I’ve had a few requests to see the end result of the Cursed Project I mentioned earlier, so here we are. The skull was lifted from the wrist warmers in Stitch & Bitch Nation. The sock was modified from a fail-safe pattern that my dear friend Jane gave me a few years ago. Don’t they […]