The Transcendent Project

In spite of what I wrote in my previous post, I have actually knit some items for Christmas. I can’t go into too much detail, since certain gift recipients are probably reading this post right now, but I can show you this:

This is a detail from the scarf I knit for my spouse. The yarn is a mohair/silk blend called Tsuki, which I bought at ArtFibers in San Francisco. Don’t ask me for the pattern; it came free with the yarn, and my lips are sealed.

Anyway, I’m not just posting this to make you drool. I’m putting this here to provide an example of the Transcendent Project. How do you know when you’re knitting a Transcendent Project? When you can’t believe that it’s you who is knitting the thing you’re knitting; when you have to stop every two or three rows and run your hands all over your project; when you keep showing it to all of your friends, even though it’s nowhere near finished, but somehow your friends don’t ever get sick of looking at it.

The Transcendent Project is the result of a perfect convergence of pattern design and fiber content. In the case of my Tsuki scarf (of which I can take the credit for neither the design nor the yarn choice), the drop-stitch pattern is the just the thing for this kind of yarn. The fiber is already ghostly and ephemeral; the pattern just brings that all out. Too bad you can’t touch it, because it feels awesome. I finished this scarf almost a month ago, and I’m still sorry that I’m not knitting it anymore.

The opposite of the Transcendent Project is the Cursed Project. More on that later.


  • Peggy says:

    Found you through and can’t stop laughing because your blog is just a hoot and a half.

    As a fellow ArtFibers lover, I have to ask you: how many skeins of tsuku would it take for me to make a respectable scarf? I haven’t had a Transcendent Project in awhile and need to break some curses.

  • john says:

    congrats on the entrelac scarf pattern…

  • Rose says:

    Oh gawd…that makes me want to DROOL…

  • caroline says:

    i love you, jesse. and your scarf is simply splendiferous.

  • pippy says:

    Pretty pretty pretty!!!
    I don’t know if I’ve found the Transcendent Project yet. But glad I found your blog!

  • yahaira says:

    I love it when the knitting gods smile upon you and gift you the perfect pattern with the perfect yarn. The scarf looks lovely!

  • yarn boy says:

    Peggy, it only took one skein of Tsuki to get a five foot scarf. At $16 per skein, that makes for a pretty cheap trip to ArtFibers. “Cheap trip to ArtFibers” used to be an oxymoron.

  • Tammie says:

    I love that! What pattern did you use?

  • Katy says:

    That is awesome. Yes, I’m drooling, yes I really, really want the pattern.

  • Rachel says:

    I went to the site to order the tsuki yarn, but I am not sure if the sketch they show is the same pattern as yours–is it the Venice Wrap?

  • yarn boy says:

    Rachel, the scarf they show when you first go to the site is not the one I knit. I knit the drop-stitch scarf:…&fb=3&np=2&cs=1

  • omaT says:

    I always enjoy reading your posts, and now, thanks to you, have spent some quality time wandering through ArtFibers’ website.

    I found a vertical drop stitch pattern at…/blog/lucia/ 375 – I would have passed it by, had you not shown us “what could be” with the right yarns (and attitude!).

  • yarn boy says:

    I can neither confirm nor deny whether that is the same pattern as the one I got from ArtFibers. Heh heh heh.

  • Ruth says:

    Argh, I too must have that scarf. Off to ArtFibers tomorrow, will probably succumb to more than I’m planning on but hey, how better to start the new year, eh?

  • FARAH says:

    I know how to knitt but i donot know abrivation in english when I look at dysin I can not
    get direction and can not understand som abrivation.
    Can you please help .
    thank you

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