The Unbearable Cuteness of Knitting

I’ve never liked the word cute. My usage of cute usually indicates sarcasm, or that an aesthetic crime has been committed. Crimes of cuteness include most Hallmark cards, referring to Alfred Hitchcock as ‘Hitch,’ forcing kittens to be photographed inside a wicker basket, and every appearance of a talking animal in a Disney film. Actually, let’s just make that every Disney film.

Many of my friends have started having babies, and this has resulted in a softening of my attitude towards cute. This isn’t because babies are inherently adorable, but because I love to knit for my favorite babies (both arrived and forthcoming), and all of the items that I’ve knit for babies have turned out . . . well, cute. For example:

This is the dress with eyelets from Debbie Bliss’s Baby Knits for Beginners. Pretty cute, huh? Well, here it is on the actual baby:

That’s Ruby. For regular readers, this is Suzanne’s first daughter, and Suzanne is the soon-to-be recipient of a Samus sweater. That dress there for her second daughter, but hey. It sure fits Ruby just fine.

It’s not just the babies that have repositioned cuteness in my life. One of the things I’ve learned as a knitter is that when you knit for your friends, you’re really knitting for their cats.

Elijah here is enjoying my friend Alana’s hand warmers. Unfortunately for Elijah, Alana also enjoys her hand warmers. And while the things I knit for my friends are really for their cats, everything I knit is really for Maxine.


  • wenders says:

    too weird! check this out:…9@N01/88567765/

    I just finished the exact same thing in the exact same color.

    I love this pattern!

  • Sandy says:

    Maxine is AWESOME! We love cats around here, and they love my yarn. I wish I could say they are sleeping on my “knitting” but there isn’t much knitting with the new baby so it’s just piles and baskets of yarn….I dream of projects……
    The dress you knit is fab, and your friends are blessed to get such great stuff!
    Oh, “boys knit” button arrived! Love it! Perfect size! Thanks!

  • tllgrrl says:

    i don’t know about you, but i sure see some examples o’ cuteness here.
    : )

  • Are those “hurry up spring” armwarmers, or another? It looks like Noro. (?) I adore Noro, and just now almost bought 5 skeins of Kureyon #170. No specific reason. Well, armwarmers and a scarf, but I wouldn’t finish it in time for this winter anyway. I’ll probably buy it next week. =)

    Anyway, I love the dress, and I love that it’s green. Yes, it is cute. But it’s elegant too. Great job! If I had a little girl to knit for, I would be tempted to cast on. =)

  • Yarn Boy says:

    Faith, those are the handwarmers from Stitch and Bitch Nation. They were knit with Noro, but not Kureyon. I used Silk Garden. Much nicer on the hands.

  • cheri says:

    You’ve got some serious cuteness going on. Ruby is precious as is the dress. Maxine is great. I don’t knit for my cat. He’s 18 and not too much into yarn (but will play with an occaisional strand). No, I knit for my younger dog. A basset hound named Jenny. I don’t really knit for her, she just likes to steal my yarn and toss it all over the den/livingroom/hall/wherever. The old dog isn’t much into yarn either.

  • wenders says:

    Okay, strange. On my computer, yours looks green, not blue. I used a sage-color sidar snuggly dk yarn. And, I somehow just know your seams are neater than mine. Yay for cute babies across the country!

  • Kristina says:

    My that was a handsome dress. And those cats are positively charming. (Heh. You can circumvent the ‘cute’ label if you like, although – dare I say it – those photos really were so…cute.)

  • Scoutj says:

    Well, she’s DAMN cute! AS well is the sweater.

  • Alexandria says:

    My nephew has taken up knitting, age 11. Your site is a terrific example to him about what knitting can be all about.
    Thanks for sharing, Yarn Boy!


    Union, Kentucky

  • John says:

    Hilarious, those cats.

  • joyce from paris says:

    hello, my friend in the us emailed me back today with the news: “i am going to have a baby in 4 weeks”!!!
    geez wow yay!!! i was browsing and fell on this dress! talk about luck 😮
    so i copied the name of that magazine.
    the ditch is that i DON’T know what issue it is and i am FRENCH, which means i cannot GET the pattern or look for the magazine.
    now, i have 4 weeks all in all to
    1 find the magazine or pattern
    2 knit fast
    3 finish ahead for it to get from paris to the US.

    HELPPPPP!!! waaaaah, LOL
    i LOVE it, love it, love it!!!

    😡 mwah
    joyce from paris

  • Mariko says:

    That eyelet dress is adorable on her (and I love Milan Kundera!)

  • Zaz says:

    i am that joyce from paris. a friend in canada saw the magazine/book?! when she bought it for me and decided to keep it!!! i said ok but you have to get that dress scanned for me FAST. she is not computer bright, so she typed that pattern but by the speed that was going i had knit my own without a pattern. should you wish to see it i could find a photo to email. it’s not on my blog.

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