Joining the Ranks

A year ago this November, I joined two new clubs:

1. Parents

2. Parents of twins

True, group #2 is really a subset of group #1, but having multiple babies at the same time is so much its own crazy universe that one can really feel like one has left the regular one. But this is a knitting blog, and not a parenting blog, so what I really want to tell you about is the third club I just joined:

3. Geeky knitting designers

The sweaters you see on the left are The Fibonacci Twins, whose stripe pattern follows the famous number sequence. Sure, I could have just designed a couple of sweaters with regular stripes, but that would have disappointed my old college physics professor, who is single-handedly responsible for unseating my suspicion of anything mathematical, left over from a string of boring high school math classes. Not only did he unseat it, but he actually made me fascinated by mathematics. So much that I’ve spent some time calculating the odds of a spontaneous twin gestation. Pretty high, it turns out, when there are twins in your family and your spouse’s.

But this is a knitting blog, and not a pregnancy blog, so let’s get back to those sweaters. You can find the Fibonacci Sequence in all kinds of amazing places, like sunflowers, pinecones, artichokes, and pineapples. I’m currently working on a proof for finding the Fibonacci Sequence here:

I just know there’s an order to that swirl of hair on the back of Mr. S.’s head. He just won’t sit still long enough for me to count. But this is a knitting blog, not a baby blog, so let’s get back to that sweater he’s wearing. It’s my debut design for Knit Picks’s Independent Designers Program, which was just launched this month, and of which I’m now a proud participant. There’s some cool stuff over there, and the patterns are way cheap. I’ll have more designs showing up there before long.

Now, back to counting little hairs . . .


  • mamie says:

    Congrats, sir. You have made it through year one. Everything else is a cake walk from here on out….that is how I have felt so far and we are in year 2.65. Nothing can compare to the crazy that was two infants.

    And the vests are awesome, I think I just found my next knit project for the boys. Awesome.

  • Rosslyn says:

    Hey, great pattern. I don’t have kids yet, but man those vests are cute. I made a bag last summer with the Fibonacci sequence, except I used 6 colors and went up to 7 stripes, so 13 in the sequence. I must confess I’m a bit of a math geek myself. Anyway, great vests, and kudos on the awesome stripes!

  • John says:

    ok…just ordered the yarn and pattern from Knit Picks. Gotta knit that for my nephew.

    Your boys are gorgeous. Mazol Tov!

  • Margie says:

    Wow…one year already!!! The kids are ADORABLE!!!

  • Kim says:

    The parent club is a fun one! Thanks for the pointer to the indie designers on KP – such cool patterns!

  • These are the cutest ever! I commented on the Ravelry page too. Going to buy the yarn with my After Christmas paycheck! Too cute!

  • Robin says:

    Love the babies – er – I meant the knitting. Very interesting and geeky! I saw a man and his wife the other day — she was very pregnant and he was wearing a T-shirt that said “I LAUGH AT YOUR ONE BABY!” There you go!

  • marilyn says:

    Love your site! I wish I had found it earlier. I am an avid knitter myself but with a career (I’m a physician) and three kids (6 year-old girl and 4-year-old boy-girl twins) I have no time for a blog. Wish I did! Anyway, more power to you!! I LOVE the Fibonacci sweaters.

    Sorry I did not find your site earlier. could have given you some virtual support in re: the twin thing. Twins are HARD WORK! SOOOO much harder than one baby, yes sir. But worth all that work up front — mine are good buddies now and it has been and continues to be really amusing to watch them grow up together. Similar yet very different. Enjoy!

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